The Property Management Specialists

Passionate specialists working with you and your tenants to achieve value from your property.

Property Marketing and
Tenant Search

Finding and engaging a tenant is quick and simple with Pondlet. From advertising and showcasing your property to prospective tenants to receiving and assessing, and preparing the new lease, we're with you along the way.

Record-Keeping and
Rent Management

Don't spend time logging into your bank account to check if rent has come through. Pondlet offers tenants great options to pay and help you keep track of rent. In the event of arrears, we'll take timely action to help the tenant get back on track.

On-going Maintenance
and Inspections

Keeping your property in tip-top shape and ensuring obligations and tenant needs are essential to keeping your property in great condition. We manage maintenance requests and are proactive about your property's condition. Happy tenants and great maintenance means better tenancies now and in the future.

Lease Renewal and

Keeping your property in line with market conditions. We understand your property and the market, and are proactive about reviewing tenancy agreements. And - even the best tenants move on, and when they do, we'll provide a smooth transition so that the property is ready for the next tenant.

Setup MY Property Now

Whether you're just getting started or you're managing the property on your own, we're happy to take you on.

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Included in the Standard Management Service

Rent Collection and Record Keeping

It's easy for tenants to setup reminders to pay their rent by and pay using a range of payment options. More options means more rent collected on time. Pondlet promptly transfers collected rent to your bank account.

To help you keep track of your accounts, we deliver monthly comprehensive itemised statements, as well as an annual statement at the end of each financial year. In addition to rental payments, we also process and maintain records of outgoing expenses such as council and water rates, body corporate fees, insurance premiums and maintenance. Records are available for you to view online at any time.

Property Advertising and Tenant Selection

Prepare and publish your property in over 8 real estate sites in one go. We'll provide all the tools to track and respond to enquiries, as well as engage prospective tenants during your open house. Tenants can apply directly on the internet. We'll help assess the applications, for you to review and make a final decision. We'll perform all the checks required, including tenancy and reference checks.

Once you've selected a tenant, we'll prepare and organise the lease agreement.

Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

Your tenants can quickly and easily log requests using our online system, 24 hours a day. We respond to all tenant requests and enquiries, and you can choose to engage a tradesperson from our partner network, ensuring you receive a prompt, high-quality service at a competitive cost.


Arrears Management

Sometimes, your tenant might be a bit late in their rent. We'll remind them and notify you if that happens so they can get back on track as soon as possible. Most of time, tenants get back on track. Following this, we'll take a commercial approach in minimising any further loss by enforcing your rights while understanding any underlying causes that would help get the tenant back on track.

Market Insights and Lease Renegotiation

Gathering and analysing market intelligence to provide you with updates about rental prices for properties comparable to yours. Making recommendations to update your property's rental or renew your lease based on current tenancy circumstances.


Combining streamlined processes and technology with professional expertise, you're in good hands.

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Value-added Services

Sometimes, you just need a bit of extra support.

On-site Services

Sometimes you need someone to be present at your property - for a property inspection, or to run an open house. Our professional agents can support you - from organising access to performing the activities required on-site.

Premium Sdvertising

Want your site advertised on and in addition to other real estate sites? For less than the cost than it would be to advertise with them individually, Pondlet will publish your ad on both!

Ad Preparation

You can provide your own ad and photos, however, make your property shine by letting our professional photographer take quality photos of your property and have our in-house writer prepare your advertisement.