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Our fee structure gives you the option to only select the services you need, not forcing you to pay for services you don't need.

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The right approach to property management

Managing your property can be challenging and time-consuming. We offer you a tailored service guaranteed to minimise stress.

Pondlet offers online services let you conduct tasks around-the-clock, while experts are always at hand to work with you and your tenant to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Whether you're getting your property up on the market for the first time, or your property is already tenanted, we're here to help.

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Tenant Search

Showcasing your property to find the best tenants, make it easy for tenants to apply,assist with tenant selection, and make sure your back is covered when starting a new lease.


Helping manage adnd collect rental payments, helping meet tenant needs and obligations, and keeping your property in good shape.

End of lease

Facilitating smooth and timely transition from one tenant to the next.